Golf & Nature

DGV Logo quer gold oSGolf as an outdoor sport is closely interlinked with nature as the golf course is directly integrated into the landscape. Meadows, trees, forest edges, hedgerows and bodies of water give each golf course its individual and unique characteristics. Moreover, a well-groomed course promotes the pleasure of this outdoor sport and can facilitate the positioning of the golf course.

Golf & Nature, the environmental program of the Deutsche Golfverband (German Golf Association) strives to combine optimum conditions for the sport of golf with maximum protection of nature. This creates the opportunity to capture data on the environment and the greenkeeping situation and to improve these factors via plannable steps within the scope of a multi-year plan.

"Golf & Nature" focuses on the following environmental aspects:
• Nature and landscape
• Course maintenance and use
• Safety at work and environmental management
• PR and infrastructure

The certificate "Golf & Nature" awarded by the Deutsche Golfverband comes in three different levels: bronze, silver and gold.
The Golf Club Domäne Niederreutin has participated in this environmental program since 2005 and achieved the top level, i.e. the gold certificate, in 2012. Our goal is to integrate the environmental idea in all our measures in order to promote an excellent condition of our golf course and to ensure an optimum environment for the game of golf.

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